Fees, Scheduling and Charges

Before you go ahead and acquire a loan, you should understand the following:

The company also has the right to improve and amend the terms and conditions in any time should they decide it to be timely and beneficial for all stakeholders concerned.

Our terms and conditions are subject to the Moneylenders Act which is governed under the Government of the Republic of Singapore.

If you have applied for your loan through our site or by telephone, the loan is considered to be “in Principal Approval” and is yet to have a definite loan amount, number of possible installment and interests offered.

However, rest assured that our company will provide you a loan that will suit your budget and needs. The company continues to reserve its right to revise, amend or ameliorate anything related to the loan, amount and interest rate. The company is also responsible for informing the borrower of any changes that they will take up.

If the loan packages offered do not satisfy the client, then, he is not, in any way, obliged to take up any of the loans provided for by the company.

Fees and Charges

Late Payment Fee
If your installment is received after your due date , a late payment fee shall be applicable for each late payment

Early Redemption Fee 
For early redemption of a term loan, you must make the full payment of the loan amount include the total interest.

Statement Retrieval Fee 
A processing fee of $10 for each request for a statement.

Unsuccessful GIRO Fee 
For GIRO Applicant, a handling fee of $50 will be charged for unsuccessfuly GIRO deductions.

Bounced Cheque Fee 
An adminstration fee of $50 will be charged if the cheque tender as payment is dishonoured

Other Fees 
Other fees may be applicable for additional services provided by us, and may be change from time to time without prior notice.

Default of loan
For default payment, all legal fees and miscellaneous charges incurred to recover the loan amount of this contract will be fully borne by the borrower and the surety (ies).


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