Foreigner Loan

The current financial and economic climate makes people unprepared for any sudden expenses. This can get you into serious trouble, especially if you really do not have anyone to turn to. Fortunately for you though, our company can easily set you up with  your very own foreigner loan to help you out with your predicament. The foreigner loan is basically a short term loa, easy to acquire loan which will definitely help you get back on your feet.

Our foreigner loan guarantees that transactions will be made directly and easily. You also won’t need to pay an upfront application fee and there is no credit check to be worried about. Plus, our convenient reloan facility scheme allows foreigners to apply for another loan as soon as you settle with a previous loan you had with us.


* Direct And Easy
* No Credit Check
* No Upfront Application Fee

Full time employed Personnel
Age above 21 years old and below 65 year old
You must be a Foreigner with a valid Singapore Employment Pass

Documents Required
1) Valid Passport
2) Singapore Employment Pass
3) Income more than $20,000 per annual
4) Appointment Letter from your Company
5) Tenancy Agreement, PUB Bill or Handphone Bill
6) Latest 3 Months Pay slip or Bank Statement which reflect your salary

Reloan Facility give you the flexibility to take up a new loan once you loan is fully settled.
Loan Application subject to change without notice with the terms and conditions from
our company and Ministry of Manpower.


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