Pay Only Interest Loan

Just a Simple Criteria to fix into this loan package and you can accomplish your financial dreams. Pay Only Interest Loan package can extend a helping hand in times of financial need. You only need to pay interest for the loan amount you borrow. Allow us to help you relieve your financial burden!

*Instant Cash 
*Fast Approval *Reloan Facility 
*No Upfront Application Fee 
*Hassle-free Online Application
*No Deadline Of Principal Repayment

Full time employment
Loan up to 1 month of your salary or less
Age above 21 years old and below 65 years old
Income more than $30,000 per annual.
Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or a Foreigner with a valid Singapore Employment Pass

* Work Permit holder Need Not Apply
* Reloan Facility give you the flexibility to take up a new loan once you loan is fully settled.
Loan Application subject to change without notice with the terms and conditions from
our company and Ministry of Moneylender.

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