Short Term Loan

The need for several types of loans arises from unplanned expenses that occur in our day-to-day lives. There might be some sort of business mishap or medical emergency that you need to deal with promptly, but currently don’t have any means to show up with some cash. Fortunately for you, our company offers a short-term loan service here in Singapore that is guaranteed to get you back on your feet. This short-term loan helps you to get over any financial rut you’re in, especially with the aforementioned unexpected or unplanned expenses.

We assure you that we make the process easy whenever you wish to acquire a short-term loan. In fact, you can start applying online with us to get a prompt response and approval. If you get the green light, then, you will only need to go visit us in our office, sign some documents, and get the cash that you desire.

If you transact with us, we will guarantee you a no-nonsense and hassle-free application online, which is coupled by fast approval and no upfront application fee required. You’ll get your instant cash and can apply once again for another loan when you have settled with your current one through our reloan facility scheme.

Short Term Loan Features

*Instant Cash
*Fast Approval
*Reloan Facility
*No Upfront Application Fee
*Hassle-free Online Application

Full time employment
Income more than $30,000 per annual
Age above 21 year old and below 65 year old
Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or a Foreigner with a valid Singapore Employment Pass


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